Alta Colina Vineyard

Property Geography

130 acres
Off Adelaida Road, 16.7 miles from the Pacific ocean.
Distance to Le Cuvier
less than 1 mile

Vineyard Overview

Alta Colina Vineyard is a hilltop vineyard just off of Adelaida Road, and less than a mile across the canyon from Le Cuvier Winery. The vineyard, which lies to the west of Paso Robles, is 16.7 miles from the Pacific Ocean as the crow flies, and the property falls within the Adelaida District.

This Viticultural Area is characterized by high mountain slopes grading to foothills, and with a range of elevation between 900 to 2200 feet. Calcareous (limestone) soils dominate, and the district receives annual rainfall in the range of 25 inches. The Alta Colina Vineyard itself ranges in elevation from 1,588 to 1,735 feet.

Grapes Grown & Wines Sourced

Alta Colina Vineyard grows the following grape varieties. Varieties used in Le Cuvier wines are identified as "sourced by Le Cuvier".

Syrah 13.7 acres
Grenache 5.5 acres
Mourvedre 4.2
Petite Sirah 1.4 acres
Viognier 2.6 acres
Marsanne 1.3 acres
Grenache Blanc 1.3 acres
Roussanne 1.2 acres

Table Summary

Le Cuvier sources white Rhone varieties including Viognier and Marsanne from Alta Colina.

Vineyard History

The Property totals 130 acres and was acquired by owners Bob and Maggie Tillman in 2003. The name “Alta Colina” translates appropriately as the “high hill”. Of the 130 acres total, 31.5 acres were planted in 2005. 

Farming Practices

This is a trellis-trained vineyard, and though not certified, the vineyard is organically farmed. Low irrigation levels are applied via a drip system that uses sap flow monitors to minimize irrigation input.


The day-to-day vineyard operations are managed by Bob Tillman and Daniel Martinez.