Sous Vide Tri Tip with Carrot-Glazed Chimichurri

Sous Vide Tri Tip with Carrot-Glazed Chimichurri
Recipe Date:
June 9, 2020
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)
  • 2 lbs Tri Tip (trimmed of fat)
  • 2 1/2 tbsps Umami Season or Shitake Mushroom Powder
  • 2 tbsps Smoked Paprika
  • 2 tbsps Sea Salt
  • 3 cups Carrot Juice
  • 3 Bunches Parsley (finely chopped)
  • 1 Bunch Cilantro (finely chopped)
  • 4 Cloves Garlic (minced)
  • 2 Fire Roasted Red Bell Peppers (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar
Tri Tip

Set your sous vide cooker to 130 degrees. Season the tri-tip well with mushroom powder, smoked paprika and 1 tbsp sea salt. Seal in sous vide bag, making sure there is no remaining air and place in sous vide bath for 3 hours.

Carrot Glazed Chimichurri

Pour carrot juice into a pot and cook over medium heat until liquid has reduced to roughly 1/3 of a cup. Remove from heat and let cool. Mix chopped parsley, cilantro, roasted red bell peppers and cooled carrot glaze in a bowl. Add olive oil and red wine vinegar making sure the mix is evenly coated. Salt and pepper to taste.

To Serve

For appetizers, cut tri-tip into cubes or strips and spoon over enough carrot-glazed chimichurri to cover the top without spilling over. Alternatively, use as a main dish and cut to desired portions.