Syrah 2016 XLB Trio

Syrah 2016 XLB Trio

She rides a cyclone... we're not in Kansas anymore. Iron rich dust from too-dry soil settles on every meticulously polished mahogany surface. Monochrome retreats. This world is alive with bright splashes of color, yellow bricks, purple myrtle and fresh bay-laurel-green-coated little men. From North to South and East to West, a straw stuffed limber limbed fellow guides her, past fragrant poppy fields shouting out in the most vibrant of reds, to a city of emeralds under unblemished blue skies. Ahh, but what could be finer than dry cured sausage and a glass of rye whiskey with friends? This around a mid-journey campfire mind you; fine oak wood, coriander, black cherry and rosemary, no worms. Menthol, yes, and caramel candy touched with a hint of sarsaparilla to warm. Could this all be a dream? "Oh, please don't fret" she enjoins "and have courage, for this Syrah is guaranteed to make your heart tick." Only 73 cases were bottled. Specifically priced for Elliptical Society members at $175.

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