NV Chardonnay XLB

NV Chardonnay XLB

Paso Robles

Sansa Stark provocatively draped in turmeric dusted sunflowers swaying in the sun, her radiant hue is all about golden honey; and once you are done staring, you will find that her melliferous core fully satisfies the olfactory modality of any well-developed proboscis as she dances up your nostrils with grand swirls of apples baked with allspice and vanilla, quince, froot loops and rosemary. Now savor those lovely lashings upon your tongue of crème brûlée sprinkled about with flakes of pink Himalayan salt, and you will surely be enchanted by the globules of bitter-sweet marmalade as you ponder this classy lady’s flinty bite, with her toothsome demeanor balanced by a touch of humus, celery seed and ripe stone fruit, and now let the luscious sup go down the gullet. Alas, a picayune 68 cases of Sansa were left beyond the bottles allocated for your Elliptical Shipment.

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Paso Robles
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