2021 Pentimento Non Vintage Bottling

2021 Pentimento Non Vintage Bottling

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Paso Robles
Bordeaux Blend

He is the whisperer of the woods, Rip Van Winkle awakening after years lost to sleep. Much changed is the world, but the trees mind not, for they are ancient and mysterious sentinels, counting generations like the passing of the spring of our lives. Their roots stretch deep down, down into the ground, ever in search of life-giving water, their canopies shading, canvasing and cooling the forest floor in turn. We are drawn to the Sur, to camping in the redwoods, cedar, pine and spruce all dwarfed by their magnitude, the only sound the flow of trickling water over rocks smoothed by time. Thick cut salami sizzles in a heavy cast iron pan, over naked coals and flame, oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms sautéed in the fat. Throw in blackberry and cassis, extra virgin olive oil and arugula, with a cup of gunpowder green tea steeping and steaming on nearby stone. The grove, like this wine, is mature, and yet again new, each circling of the sun bringing rejuvenation and subtle change. Where life reaches its end and returns softly to the earth, the seeds are sewn among the humble ferns, the cycle begins anew. It is ever changing, yet ever the same. Peace and tranquility radiate from the depths. Time slows, and our obsessions with its tracking ceases to be of import.

notes by Clay Selkirk, winemaker & all-around cowboy

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Additional Details About 2021 Pentimento Non Vintage Bottling

Alcohol %
0.77g / 100ml
Residual Sugar
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
multiple picks across multiple vintages
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Aging Notes

at least 33 months in neutral oak barrels

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