2020 Grenache

2020 Grenache

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Paso Robles

The great beast slumbers in the depths; its monstrous bulk obscured by the inky blackness. For eons, it has lain dormant, its reign as apex predator of the oceans long since ended. But now, it is stirring. A rival has disturbed its slumber, threatened its ancient domain. The beast rises slowly from the depths, its vast form silhouetted against the surface of the water. A megalodon in full splendor is revealed, a colossus of the deep. Now, it gains speed, swimming quickly towards the surface with jaws agape, its destined prey a great white shark, a mere minnow compared to the behemoth’s bulk. Alas, seeing the toothful monstrosity too late, the white knows instantly it has met its match. The leviathan strikes, its boundless jaws closing around the smaller shark’s head as it thrashes and fights for its life, but to no avail. Its carnivorous jaws are like steel, its fangs keen as razors. Sanguine pools spread about, tasting of cured leather and graphite. This is what it craved, nay, what it yearned for the taste of, for the smell of, evoking long dormant memories of dragon fruit and coriander. Finally, the megalodon turns and swims away, its hunger sated, its dominance asserted over the oceans once again.

notes by tim small, qui apporte la joie

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Additional Details About 2020 Grenache

Alcohol %
0.73 g/100ml
26.8 brix
Residual Sugar
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
Bottling Date
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Aging Notes

32 months in neutral oak barrels

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