2019 Chrysos

2019 Chrysos

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Paso Robles
White Blend

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, a land steeped with mystery and enchantment, there dwelt an accomplished alchemist and his bewitching young daughter. Beneath hundreds of red acacias and troves of Arabian jasmine, Amarya and her father concocted intoxicating ambrosial elixirs for the noble constituents of the palace. In her presence, time seemed to slow, and the world around her would fade into insignificance. A vision of beauty, a symphony of colors and contrasts; a young girl with Mandarin garnet eyes that hold the depth of the universe, and auburn locks that whisper of ancient mysteries and hidden enchantments.

Alas, evil always lurks, and her serene existence was shattered at the hands of a viciously jealous & powerful matriarch. The serendipitous bond that brought Iskandar, the son of the Sultan into Amarya’s warm embrace, was broken by a nefarious spell, cast by Iskander’s mother. Meant to trap her for centuries inside the very essence of her own crystal perfume bottle and hidden beneath neroli trees, rose germanium and sweet mint in the royal garden, where a lone white gold peach tree would become her prison.

Iskander, consumed by grief embarked on the quest to unravel her mysterious & sudden absence. Legends foretold that only one chosen soul, guided by a pure heart and an unwavering spirit, could unlock the spell of this dark magic. Guided by whispers and ancient tales, his heart heavy with despair, but aflame with determination he searched and searched until he unearthed the shimmering crystal urn. Amongst bursts of exotic golden berry, honey suckle and rose water the maiden returned to her lover from shards of the broken bottle.

People rejoiced during their blessed marriage, and they reigned together for generations over a peaceful & prosperous empire.

notes by mike toke, resident vampire

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Additional Details About 2019 Chrysos

Alcohol %
23.9 Brix
Residual Sugar
Adelaida District
Harvest Date
Bottling Date
Vineyard Notes

Aging Notes

43 months in neutral oak barrels

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