2017 Zinfandel

2017 Zinfandel

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Paso Robles

Bristling with the wicked red tint of a wild boar’s eye intent upon the plump haunch of a fine-looking sow in a berry patch, this Zin distinctly catches the nose with a snap of leather strop slathered with raspberry coulis, zesty cardamom, the bite of woodsy terpene & pungent hay squirming with black pepper corn, juniper berry, & the smoke from an aged Cohiba, all wrapped up in corn husks atop a bed of lust . . . in other words, this is a wine that’s altogether briery to the core. But then the earthy nose explodes into the mouth with lush candied fruit, blueberry jam, sun-shriveled Jubilee plum, black licorice dancing with star anise, plus there’s that seductive smear of cherry & raspberry treacle dotted here & there with hoisin, all of which coalesce into a memorable finish. Since we started with a wild boar, consider inviting one to dinner nicely roasted & studded with slivers of garlic & garnished with rosemary. That would indeed be a memorable combination to tickle the tonsils! 

notes by John Munch, wineherd & plenipotentiary

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