2016 Chrysos XLB

2016 Chrysos XLB

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Paso Robles

At first, you are drawn to her citrine color, a hue reminiscent of the eyes of the lion-headed goddess depicted on a wall in the Valley of the Kings. As you continue admiring her color, you begin to discover her scent: fruity, rich, and spicy, very cat like of her. But then there is that mouth-watering smell of baked pear in brown butter, glazed with a mixture of kumquat & pineapple juice. The spice is harder to pin down, but you think Green Cardamom perhaps, & even a whiff of earthy, seductive Musk…oh my. After several more swirls of the glass you proceed to taste. At the front of your tongue, the citrus notes, Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon & honey laced with Egyptian vanilla powder demand your attention. Then, spreading across your palate, pineapple, baked atop bread pudding. But wait! Now the finish comes at you in a rush, and it’s clearly pineapple upside down cake, sans the cherries, but with toasted walnuts and a light dusting of finely ground guajillo chile sprinkled atop the cake. The chili is just enough & it lingers, & lingers……Oh, but now you’re done for, she has you, & in a cat’s eye, the seduction is complete. As you continue to sip, you find yourself humming & then singing to yourself, “She is stardust, she is golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Goddess”

notes by mary fox, proprietor

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Additional Details About 2016 Chrysos XLB

Alcohol %
0.85 g/100ml
25.5 brix
Residual Sugar
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
Bottling Date
Food Pairing Notes
"back to your roots" watermelon radish with purple carrot puree, caramelized onion, shoe string potatoes
Vineyard Notes

Aging Notes

32 months in neutral oak

Tasting Notes

Winemaking Notes

Production Notes