2019 L'enfant du Pape
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2019 L'enfant du Pape
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High up in the castle spire, the sovereign basks in shifting ruby light, refracted through deep rose-stained glass, taking in the sights of his dominion far below. Gedeon the Conqueror he is, enamored by many, but feared rightfully by most, especially those of the insignificant unwashed masses. As he serenely and unhurriedly descends the near endless spiraling steps, he catches warm scents wafting from the kitchens. Charred flesh roasting on spits, cardamom spiced beef with scallions and sauteed shallots tantalize his senses, while macerated strawberries and Ceylon cinnamon lure him ever onward. Now, quickening his pace, his royal mantle cascading about his blessed body, armored elegantly in amber trinkets and brilliant red baubles, he bursts through the iron-studded doors. The abrupt arrival silences the commonality in a mere moment, the hush of anticipation taking their breath as they tensely await his proclamation with bated breath. “Partake in this supper, brothers and sisters, for tomorrow we stain our swords with the blood of our foes. This meal may well be your last.”

blend | 55% Grenache + 23% Syrah + 15% Mourvedre + 7% Petite Sirah

notes by tim small, qui apporte la joie

Wine Specs
Rhone Blend
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
rhone blend, multiple 2019 harvest picks
27.6 brix
33 months in neutral oak
Bottling Date
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Other Notes
Blend: 55% Grenache + 23% Syrah + 15% Mourvedre +7% Petite Sirah