2019 Pinot Noir
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2019 Pinot Noir
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Dawn breaks as the sun peeks above the horizon. Looking out over shimmering sands surrounded by bullrushes quivering in the morning breeze, the captain stands proud and tall at the prow of his ship, a handsome, luxurious Trawler. Clasping his intricately hand-carved Bjarne briarwood pipe as savory Peterson Navy Roll smoke curls and floats with aromas of grass and brine, gold-trimmed woolen cap upon his head, entrenched in the warmth of his Jacquard sweater and Peacoat, collar upturned to ward off the chill of morning he gazes in greeting to his beloved Caledonia. Truly, this land no greater glory could attain, the sky awash with peachy pink swathes of clouds. Seabirds begin to glide overhead while below deck delicious aromas of violet tea, succulent tangerine, and sorghum are carried upward upon the breeze. Flavors of the evening repast linger still. Roast duck topped with fennel pollen accompanied by wild harvested chanterelles and clary sage with savory cranberry compote. Never to be forgotten, the fresh oysters with mignonette, the sweetest umami from the sea. As the light of morning filters through the clouds, he grasps the rain-spattered rails and surveys the glorious view as breakers crash against the craggy, pinnacled cliffs. Spring is coming and he is home.

Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Willow Creek District
Vineyard Designation
Kruse Vineyard
Harvest Date
23.7 brix
0.68 g/100ml
33 mo in neutral oak
Bottling Date
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %