ESR 2020

ESR 2020

Paso Robles

The spark of life, streaking down like a bolt of lightning from the heavens. Secreted away in a solitary stalk of fennel, blacksmith’s stolen flame survives, gently grasped in trickster’s hand. The Titan strives to reach humankind, to deliver his glorious gift, sweet as fresh black cherry, tangy as red plum. Light announces its arrival like the blazing of a thousand horns, and with it comes warmth. As culinary ambition blooms, imitating clusters of tiny elderflowers opening in the spring, pungent sage and sandalwood permeate the air along with earl gray tea. No more are we reliant on simple tools cobbled humbly from the earth, littered with mushrooms and leaf mulch. Our destiny is forever changed, cast and forged anew. Cool and fresh as rain-wet green moss, with sparkling rivulets trickling and tinkling down into the clean, clear waters pooling in secret lagoons. The ever so slight tang of salinity teases the tongue, juxtaposed against a brash dash of white pepper and rosemary crusted roast rack of lamb. Dancing leaves of raspberry couple joyously with mint. The juicy smell of sweet tobacco from a long-stemmed pipe, his delicate smoke rings rise slowly and gently fade and disperse in the evening breeze. Ohh but night has just begun. The fire in our hearts has been lit. ***Club price will be reflected in cart.

notes by Clay Selkirk, winemaker and all-around cowboy

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0.79 g/100ml
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Paso Robles
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