2017 Malbec
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2017 Malbec
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A big-breasted riot, an Amazon running amok in an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. Deep, deep prismatic tones of crimson-cardinal and magenta with the fresh scent of a briny tide pool and tea oil rubbed into her sweet-sweat drenched shoulders as she disdainfully poses following a particularly lovely throw of the javelin at an Oriental buffet of crustacean shells filled with dark fruit, ripe raspberry, flaccidly but suitably luscious Chelan cherries, a Cimmerian obelisk of stacked blackberry and crushed blue-black Olympian plums scattered about, here and there, with dried peel of camphor-aged Saville orange, green peppercorns with dill, and over all viscous coils of oyster sauce top-dusted with Saigon cinnamon: a grand cacophony of intriguing impressions to make one drool. Her eyes are green, and her lips are all about ripe dark berries and bright acid, warm buttered blueberry muffins and crushed Calamata olives; and from her left incisor hangs the remnants of an especially creamy and rich Uni roe appetizer. An elusive lady, a shapeshifter, and consequentially all the more reason to invite her home as a singularly entertaining dinner guest.

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