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Falsework For The Slab

Falsework is a temporary support system in construction, & in this case it is the support for our 16-inch thick slab of concrete which is shortly to be poured as a cover over the new barrel room. The first photo below is from last Wednesday, March 16th, showing the first phase of the support system being assembled around the four columns:


Next is a view of most of the support beams in place from 2 days later:


Then on Saturday night it rained down in great buckets, with 5½ inches of the stuff falling upon us overnight to be exact. Sunday rain, & again Monday, & today more rain, so only very little progress has been made these last several days.

And finally, here is a photo taken yesterday morning looking into the barrel room through what will eventually be an enclosed hatch opening. This view gives some sense of how the barrel room sits into the hillside. The value of this is, of course, free cooling because the constant ground temperature at the site is roughly 57 degrees Fahrenheit . . . “free” if one discounts the outrageous cost of the excavation & concrete work:


With rain predicted through Friday, the current plan is for the crew to work on Saturday in order to be ready for the big mess of concrete on Monday.

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